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Our Support for Schools

Early intervention is key: stopping problems from escalating, educating and supporting children and young people to prevent them from being drawn into criminal activity.

This film provides an introduction to grooming and child exploitation, highlights the local resources available and shows how we can use education to identify, prevent and disrupt grooming and child exploitation.

  • In-person support

Our in-person sessions provide support to schools and youth engagement professionals with delivery available for year groups, assemblies and also for teacher training sessions.

The scheme is funded by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Humberside and provides interactive workshops to hundreds of children across primary and secondary education, supporting the early intervention and prevention of grooming leading to criminal and sexual exploitation.

  • Support with resources

From live-action films, animations, films where the viewer can choose what happens next to our interactive e-learning platform, we have a range of materials in multiple formats to help schools deliver sessions to their students direct.

  • Interact: An interactive e-learning platform using educational films based on real, local stories with quiz questions to test your knowledge as you watch and a certificate of achievement on completion.

Contact the NIOC team to find out more.

To learn more about the support available or to book a session, please contact to speak to a member of the NIOC team.